sebastien paviot

Location: 7, Chemin des Rustaches, Vergéal, Pacé, Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France métropolitaine, 35740, France
Last update: 5 hours ago

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Share your location !

With the bikub application, share your location in real time. And it's free!

Don't miss any meeting.

Know exactly where your family members, your children are.

Tell your friends, your collegues about your position.

It's very simple and free. Join the bikub network you juste have to login here.

You want real time, the Bikub "sharing location app" is accessible for free on the android playstore: download it

What is a "sharing location app" like bikub?

Bikub network let you share your position, your GPS coodinates

How can I share my location with my contacts

Just create an account on and then click on the share button. that's all

Can I share my location in real time

With the bikub application on the android playstore, you can share your position with your phone or desktop in real time

2021-01-27 21:11:21  

What is my address

With, you can easily find your address based on your gpd location?

Just go on, and you will appear on the map. the map will display your address.

find your address
Were am i?

2020-12-29 21:34:04  

About Bikub Service

Bikub is a geolocation service.
The service records your location. It can then be shared with all visitors.

In 1 click, you can share your geographical position with your contact, friends, family or collaborators.
They will be able to see your position in real time on the map.

The service is completely free.
This makes it easier for your friends to reach you by creating a route to your location, a great way to avoid getting lost!

2020-12-19 22:08:39  

Bikub available on the android play store

You can share your position, locate all your friends, contacts and family member when you want!

It's free!!

Juste launch the bikub application and that's all!

Capture d'écran

The best "share location app" is available! Just download it!

2020-12-05 09:26:33  

Share your location

With, share your location with your friends and your contacts is free and very easy!

You just have to create an account! it's free! and then share by email your location to your contacts!

That's all!

Share your location with your friends, and everyone you want.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  1. On the home page, once you're loggued, the "share location" button appears. clic ont it
  1. Enter your contact email adress
  1. clic on the "send" button
  2. That's all

Your contact will receive by email a link to follow your position.

2020-11-10 22:28:32